И совместимо ли с достоинством и независимостью присутствие адвоката в министерских передних, в канцеляриях присутственных мест, в полиции, в таможне? Прилично ли ему дожидаться выхода или входа должностного лица, подвергаться отказам, часто капризам мелких служащих?
Франсуа Этьен Молло
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Address: building 1, Myasnitskaya street 10, Moscow, 101000
(495) 925-16-19


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Others, without condemning it within moderate limits, consider it unnecessary to spend too much time and effort on it. There will also be those, from among the lovers of Greek literature who despise Latin literature, who will say that they prefer to spend their energy on reading Greek authors.
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I understood perfectly well, Brutus, that my efforts to express in Latin what the Greek philosophers wrote with such talent and learning would meet with disapproval from various quarters. After all, some, even very educated people, are generally suspicious of the very practice of philosophy.
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